Fraud Awareness

A Key to Avoiding Fraud –Deal face to face and locally.

The safest way to buy a car is in person and in a public place.

Beware of buyers or sellers who refuse or claim to be unable to meet in person

Use extreme caution if individual refuses to talk on the phone and only wants to communicate via text or email.

Be wary if car is not in seller’s physical location or he or she says vehicle must be shipped.

Beware of buyers who are currently or claim to reside outside the U.S.

If it is possible, have a mechanic accompany you and inspect the car before you buy.

Fraud Awareness Involving Payment methods

Seller should state the method of payment for agreed upon price only

Be suspicious of a process of payment that involves gift or debit cards

Before accepting a certified or cashier’s check, contact the issuing bank who can verify the account and routing numbers, name on the account, and whether there are adequate funds to cover the check. If a counterfeit check is cashed, your bank will hold you responsible.

If you must wire funds to purchase a car, before doing so, contact the bank and verify the receiving account. An escrow service can protect both parties from fraud. Before you commit to using this third-party service to hold your payment until the seller delivers your car,  thoroughly research the service by checking with state regulators and search the company on the BBB website. If you search online, open any website in a search engine browser, not on a link provided by the seller.

Do not accept a seller’s proposal to pay using gift cards.

Text messages or Emails that include links

Scammers want to obtain your login credentials and use your account to post fraudulent ads.

To avoid being a victim:

Do not click any link, instead hover over it to see a small pop-up message that reveals the URL the link will take you to.

If the email is vague or the grammar is poor, in all likelihood, it is a scam.

Other Helpful Tips

BimmerAdpost is an online listing service that connects BMW buyers with BMW sellers. As such, we do not get involved in transactions between buyers and sellers. And we will never ask you to provide personal or financial information via email.

If you receive unsolicited email claiming to be from, requesting your username or password, Social security number, credit card or bank account information, Contact us and report the email to law enforcement.

And you should notify any of the following about this and other suspected fraud or scam attempts:

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